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Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Staunton, VA residents who have visited Dental Implant Dentist due to broken, damaged, decayed or missing teeth are experiencing the stable, long-lasting benefits that mini dental implants offer. Approved by the FDA as a long-term method for tooth implantation, mini dental implants only continue to increase in popularity for both dentists and patients. Discover why this implant procedure is so beneficial to patients, and see if MDIs are right for you.

Size. The smaller size and stature of the mini dental implants, when compared to their more traditional counterparts, not only increases the number of candidates who can undergo successful implantation, but also makes the implant process much quicker and easier. MDIs can replace anywhere from a single tooth to a full set of teeth quickly and easily. Traditional implant procedures often require additional procedures such as sinus lifts and bone grafts in order to successfully place the implants. The mini dental implant size greatly reduces the need for these extra treatments, making the procedure quicker, easier and less invasive.

Time. Traditional dental implant treatments can take several months to complete. Once the traditional implant is placed, a significant healing period (three months or more) is needed in order for the implant to successfully fuse with the bone. Once the bone properly fuses with the implant, the prosthetic tooth or teeth can be placed. Proper healing benefits the long-term stabilization of the implant, but can be frustrating for patients who want more immediate results. In some cases, mini dental implants allow for immediate loading. This means that patients can walk out of Dental Implant Dentist’s office on the day of the procedure with an implant in place that is not only stable, but with use of a temporary dental prosthetic, can also be used immediately.

Versatility. Mini dental implants are more than just implants. MDIs can be used to replace individual missing teeth, but they can also aid in other dental procedures such as dentures and crowns. Mini dental implants, above all else, provide long-term support for a variety of dental prosthetics.

No matter the reason for undergoing dental implantation, MDIs have many benefits for patients who are looking to rectify tooth loss. For more information or to set up a mini dental implant consultation visit Dental Implant Dentist in Staunton, VA today.